Hale: Defining the future

The future of the Earth was certain... destruction.

The certainty was 5 billion percent, more than any conceivable logic would allow and every second that number grew, every second the Earth stood on the balance between peace and implosion. However.

Thanks to a stray proton quantum tunneling from the 7.4 trillionth dimensional group into ours with an odds of about 2^63-1 the Earth was thrown off of the path to certain destruction.

The Earth defied its fate and survived its destruction. How did this proton save the Earth? Well. It sparked the birth of one extaordinary man.

It sparked the birth of Albert Einstein.

He single handedly stopped the Earth from imploding and saved us all in the process.

12/06/2019 - Kony 2019 Roadmap

Now that everything else is out of the way im going full steam ahead with Kony 2019, I've got six months to finish this Visual novel and by god it is gonna get done. I've thought a lot about how much I'll have to do everyday and I've put together some deadlines, formed a plan and I'm pretty ready to get this thing finished. For the fans I have compiled a little roadmap below.

[01/06/2019 - 01/09/2016] - Writing

Writing is the easiest part, it should be finished pretty fast.

[01/08/2019 - 01/10/2016] - Drawing

I'm not quite good enough at drawing yet so I'll start a bit later.

[01/10/2019 - Release] - Putting it all together

I'm gonna spend the final month(s) putting it all together, which basically boils down to pasting everything into Ren'py, it wont take 2 months, hell it probably wont take a week but I wanna do some minor testing and maybe let some people play it too once im sure it isnt totally broken, I also want to make some music for this, how do I do that? No clue.

Anyway, as long as everything goes to plan, it'll be fine and Kony 2019 will be a world renowned masterpiece that everyone loves

31/05/2019 - [S]Dinoblitorate.

Its finally here, after sixth months of not really doing anything and one week of constant uninterrupted drawing I sure did make a thing.

07/04/2019 - HaleSite 2.0 has been released.

Welcome to the NEXT GENERATION of websites.

Yes thats right this is the second version of the world famous HaleSite, with all new features; Aesthetic new CSS design, brand NEW server hosting and so many more features you don't even KNOW.