Hale: Defining the future

The future of the Earth was certain... destruction.

The certainty was 5 billion percent, more than any conceivable logic would or could even allow and every second that number grew, every second the Earth teetered atop the balance between peace and war. That war being total calamity via quantum implosion.


Thanks to a stray proton quantum tunneling from the 7.4 trillionth dimensional group into ours with an odds of about 2^63-1 the Earth was thrown off of the path of certain destruction and it defied its fate, surviving its certain destruction.

How did this proton save the Earth? Well. It sparked the birth of one extaordinary man.

It sparked the birth of Albert Einstein.

Using a complex pulley system he single handedly stopped the Earth from imploding and saved us all in the process.

Current Project: Kony 2020

The long awaited sequel to Kony 2018 set directly after the events of the book.

50 years before the events of Kony 2018 but in a Parallel Universe and still maintaining continuity, War Hero Jessica J. Kellen, who has fallen from grace more times than anyone can count, once again conspires to help one Joseph J. Kony achieve his final goal of... well, whatever it is he does. However on her destitute path she encounters a foe that may just prove tough to beat. A foe that like her has her eyes razor focused on one goal. A foe that wants to kill Joseph J. Kony.

In the war torn lands of America and Uganda can she avoid overt yet meaningless political commentary? Can she find the strength to overcome her plight? And most of all can she save Joseph Kony?

Find out in Kony 2020.

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Other Projects:

Fun for the whole family

Kony 2017

The beginning of Kony.

Follow Jessica Kellen as she basically ruins everything in her autistic persuit of one man. Joseph J. Kony.

Nominated by the Schizo avatars in my head as one of the most influential films of all time with interweaving narratives, pungent themes and a strong core philosophy promoting family values to this generation's youth.

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Kony 2018

A novel so novel that you'd probably grovel. That's right. Rare as it is sometimes books can be good, up there with The Iliad, The Brothers Karamazov, Harry Potter and other world renowned classics. Kony 2018 sits upon its throne and laughs, daring the willing reader to pick it up and become enlightened, or just lose brain cells.(If you ask me though, that's the same thing)

Kony 2018 Cover

After being murdered at the end of Kony 2017 Jessica is recruited by the Satan of Quadruple Hell to solve a mystery that has persisted for generations. Where is Tupac Shakur?

In exchange for completing this task she can finally return to her goal of destroying Kony, but finding Tupac may not prove such an easy feat, even for one who is steadily starting to climb the Pyramid Rabbi.

Prepare To Die edition

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Easy Mode

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