Kony 2018

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The HIT sequel to Kony 2017

Warning - The contents of this book are the accurate word for word retellings of a true story taking place in an alternate timeline, therefore some events may be disturbing to some readers.

Jessica is back, back again. The famed, or perhaps infamed arch-nemesis of one Ugandan Warlord Joseph J. Kony.

However in her 5 year abscence travelling the endless void of Limbo Kony has grown strong, so strong in fact that he has become president of the United States, the act of which elevated his Pyramid Rabbi ranking from a light 2 to a solid 3.

His newfound power and the fact that his root chakra is aligned with one of the most powerful Kundalini's, that of teleportation, does not bode well for Jessica Kellen.

But Kony is the least of her problems and before she can find Kony she must first solve a puzzle as complex as the Universe itself, a Mystery so enigmatic that none have solved it.

Where is Tupac?

Hired and revived by the Satan of Quadruple Hell, Jessica Kellen must travel to distant lands to find the late rapper, no matter what.

Along the way she must utilize the collective knowledge and power of the time traveller, Donald Falter, his wife, Hillary Clintlight and the wise sage of Guy Heaven known only as Sam Peek.

Can she find Tupac? Will she be able to stop Kony in time?

Read it and find out.

Original Edition

The original version, not for the feint of heart. It's basically the Dark Souls of books with over a hundred typos, sentences that last the entire page and with the displeasure of the reader at its heart. Basically, this is the definitive Kony 2018 experience.

[Paperback and Ebook]

Definitive Edition

The definitive version, made for those who don't want to suffer, edited down and improved, whilst it is technically better on every level it probably loses some of the devil may care "charm" of the original, or maybe not. I have no clue.

[PDF (Free)]

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