Kony 2020 (Active Development)

Kony 2019

50 years before the events of Kony 2018 but in a Parallel Universe and so still maintaining continuity, Jessica J. Kellen once again conspires to help Kony achieve his final goal of... well whatever it is he does

But on her destitute path she meets a familiar foe that has set out to stop Kony at all costs and will destroy all that stands in their way.

Jessica J. Kellen must travel to the distant lands of America, a land wraught with chaos and warfare, ruled by the iron thumb of an oppresive dictator with a people more divided than ever before all to find a way to stop this unkillable nemesis that has sworn to fell Kony.

Can she avoid overt yet meaningless political commentary? Can she find the strength to overcome her plight? And most of all can she save Joseph Kony?

Find out in Kony 2020.

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